Laura’s Associates

As the business and its geographical coverage has expanded, Laura has personally selected and developed a team of Associates that works together to assist with the workload. Expanding the team has also enabled Laura to bring additional skills, such as paediatric splinting, in-house.

The focus is on quality not quantity, so all of our Associates are highly-skilled, with specialist skills and over 10 years experience. Laura works closely with each of them, overseeing all cases so that she can act as a consultant should complex cases arise, and provide continuity of care for patients during staff annual leave and so on.

Alex Heaps

Behavioural management
AMPS accredited

Alex Jones

Cognitive rehabilitation
Relaxation – yoga teacher

Amy Young

Paediatric OT and Bobath and sensory integration training

Annabelle Hogan

Driving instruction
Physical and cognitive rehabilitation

Annmarie Hyland

Paediatric OT
Sensory integration trained

Cecile Wilson

Physical and cognitive rehabilitation

Kate Herbert

Physical and Cognitive Adult rehabilitation
Postural and seating
Patients with disorders of consciousness

Katie Parker

Paediatric OT and Sensory integration training

Lisa Fear

Upper limb rehabilitation
AMPs accredited

Nicola Harris

Paediatric OT
AMPs accredited

Paula Murphy

Behavioural management AMPS accredited
Upper limb management and splinting

Sharon Guillard Armstrong

Paediatric and adult rehabilitation

Sheila Armstrong

Paediatric OT
Sensory integration trained

Victoria Holness-Waud

Physical and cognitive rehabilitation

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