“I have worked with Laura Slader and her associates for over seven years now. As a speech and language therapist working with clients who have acquired brain injury (paediatrics and adults), I have found the occupational therapy services provided by Laura and her team to be highly professional and clinically focused on rehabilitation. Laura’s team are fully aware that outcomes in acquired brain injury are best achieved using a joined up approach.

I highly recommend Laura Slader and her associates for the rehabilitation needs of both paediatric and adult clients with acquired brain injury. Her associates are highly skilled, cut to the real issues and have a ‘can do’ attitude!”

“I initially started to use Laura following recommendations from colleagues. The key reason why I use Laura is because she supervises her associates closely, she addresses any issues promptly and she understands the medico-legal context we work in. Laura will not take a case if she does not believe she or an associate has the skills to do so. Laura’s associates are trained well in working as part of a treating team and provide highly skilled input.”

“I love working with you and your associates because you are all consistent, knowledgeable and professional. You all have exceptional knowledge particularly about cognition and communicate well with the MDT. You work well and appreciate the role with physios, and I would rather work with you than anyone else.

High level cognitive deficits and behavioural issues are your speciality and the fact you also work with Headway adds depth to your skills.

I would definitely recommend your services for individuals with functional disorders. If it was me or a family member who needed neuro OT, I would want them to be seen by you.”

Claire Salisbury
Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

“I am writing this to thank you for the excellent service my husband has received from your occupational therapist associate. She is not only very professional, but has a a complete understanding of his needs.

Thank you for sending us such a capable and sensitive person.”

Wife of client

“Working with Laura has been a completely different experience than the previous one where I was working in a large private company. Laura acts as a supervisor and a mentor, sharing knowledge and skills, as well as providing invaluable support along the way. Thanks to this working structure and relationship, I not only ensure that my interventions are high quality, I also continue to learn and develop.

Martine Balmir
Clinical Specialist Neuro OT

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a rehabilitation assistant for Laura Slader OT Ltd for the past three years in a hardworking and passionate multidisciplinary team. The training and supervision I received was outstanding. It has supported me to carry out programmes of treatment to a high standard.

Millie Quinton Smith
Rehabilitation Assistant

“I approached LSOT Ltd to work with a male client who has particularly complex brain injury and mental health issues. The client was in need of a high level of input from a skilled neuro OT who would be able to build a relationship with him in difficult circumstances. As his needs are so complex and he is very isolated it needed someone who could engage with him on a level which he would accept. I found that the OT which Laura introduced had exceptional skills and in a relatively short period of time was able to build a solid relationship from which to start therapeutic work. The OT was committed and passionate about her input with the client and has worked well with him. Work is ongoing but things are moving forward that make a positive difference to his daily life.”

“Laura has displayed a fine instinct for personality in challenging circumstances. This, and her fearless advocacy for quality of life for her clients, has been a great benefit.”

Husband of client

“Just a short note to thank you for all of your support in this most difficult case and thank you for the part you have played in taking my client’s case to a good result.”

“I have found working with Laura and her associates a positive experience. Laura has been prompt in providing possible CVs and responding to any issues. Both the OTs I have used have had excellent clinical experience and worked very well with the client(s) and MDT. I initially used LSOT services as they were recommended to me by a colleague and I used them for a second time due to my positive first experience.”

Lottie Prowse
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
Case Manager

“The professional maturity, knowledge and expertise of the OTs LSOT has offered to our impatient unit have excelled all expectations. We have only had OTs work with us who are experts in their field and offered way over the normal ‘locum’ cover we would get from other agencies. I would recommend anyone to try Laura and her team before anyone else if they need expert OTs in brain injury.

Louise Turpin
Inpatient Manager of Neuro Rehabilitation Unit

“I have been pleased with the service we have received from Laura Slader and associate OTs. Our clients require knowledgeable, flexible and hard-working team players and a “can-do” attitude. This is essential when working with complexity in the community.”

“I refer to LSOT services when needing a specialist OT to provide an assessment and recommendations from my clients with complex needs. The referral process has been quick and responsive and I have worked with excellent OTs who provide an incredible service.

I know they will provide great attention to detail in report writing and provide a kind, sensitive and client-centred approach with the clients and their families. They provided a range of OT interventions and assessments that focus on the client’s occupations and engagement with their environment including seating assessments, posture and positioning recommendations, support around complex best interest decisions, establishing daily routines, training for support workers, fatigue management, upper limb management, supporting clients to access the community and recommendations for a move to a new property. 

I really enjoy working with Laura’s associates who are able to listen to what I need for my clients, work collaboratively with both myself and the wider multidisciplinary team.”

Zoe Leigh
PG Dip (Occupational Therapy)
Case Manager
NeuroHealth Case Management Services

“As a case manager I look to Laura Slader and her OT team on my complex neurological rehabilitation cases. They are responsive, efficient and clinically sound in their assessment and treating skills. Always a pleasure to work with. The OTs work with a proactive approach to therapy. They are robust in their clinical reasoning and direction. I have been working with Laura for a number of years and I look forward to an ongoing working relationship.”

“I found Laura through a search on google for independent occupational therapist, London and her website grabbed my attention.

My 85 year old father’s mobility has been on a steady decline for the last five years resulting in frequent falls. Increasing anxiety meant that he had lost the confidence and the ability to carry out daily tasks and live his usual independent life. I needed an OT who could help him regain his confidence in moving around the flat safely; going outside on his mobility scooter and carrying out daily activities such a making a cup of coffee and having a bath.

It wasn’t just that Laura was kind, caring and patient, but that she helped my father and me in equal measures. For anybody who has experienced an elderly member struggling with losing their mobility and independence it’s an incredibly challenging and stressful time for all concerned. I cannot thank Laura enough for how she guided us both through the changes my father was experiencing; helping me access equipment and support from agencies and driving my father around various residential care homes when I needed help organising respite care.

I’d like to mention two other things that really helped my father regain his independence. When Laura created new routines for him to get in and out of bed/chairs/or of the bath for example, she was there in the following days and weeks to make sure that the routines were working well and was on hand to address any difficulties and anxieties that arose. Even if he had his bath early in the morning, Laura would be there to make sure that he was able to follow the routine.

It was also important to Laura to make sure my Dad had a positive experience when learning how we walk again. This was the area of greatest anxiety for him and Laura made sure that anyone involved in my Dad’s care learned that he would regain his mobility far quicker if we understood his limits. She took the time and trouble to train us all in his routines and how to handle his anxiety. 

After a few months I was able to text Laura to let her know that my Dad had, on his own, walked from his flat to his mobility scooter in the car park and driven it to his local shopping mall where he met a friend for coffee.”

Daughter of client

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