Independent occupational therapist in brain injury rehabilitation

Laura Slader is a clinical independent occupational therapist in neurology. She founded Laura Slader Independent Occupational Therapy (LSOT) Services Ltd in 2009.

The company is now well-established and provides neuro occupational therapy services in medico-legal and private insurance cases. LSOT is also contracted to provide occupational therapy and neurology as part of in-patient brain injury rehabilitation.

Laura’s career as an independent occupational therapist began when she graduated in 1993 from the West London Institute of Education (Brunel University). Her first full-time position was at St Mary’s Hospital in London. She has worked as an independent occupational therapist in oncology, musculoskeletal, accident and emergency, neurology, brain injury rehabilitation and intermediate care. Most of this work has been in hospitals and communities across London.

Independent occupational therapist

While working in Australia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, Laura specialised in neurology – both physical dysfunction and brain injury. After returning to the UK, she focused on occupational therapy in brain injury rehabilitation in community teams around London.

Laura has been fortunate enough to work with expert therapists and receive specialist training with Bobath, Carr & Shepherd and Rood during her years as a practising therapist. She has an eclectic, goal-focused style and is dedicated on getting the best outcome for all LSOT’s patients.

Her occupational therapy and neurology programmes are custom-built around the individual and follow a flexible, adaptive model that gets results.

Laura is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life

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