Life improvement for people with brain injuries

What is occupational therapy?

The idea behind occupational therapy is to use “occupation” or purposeful activity to help people with physical, psychological or social disabilities lead independent, productive and satisfying lives.

We help people who have...

• Traumatic brain injuries

 – Post-concussion Syndrome

• Strokes

 – Post-acute, out-of-hospital support

• Long-term conditions

 – Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

 – Parkinson’s Disease

 – Motor Neurone Disease

• Spinal cord injuries 

 Brain tumours

 Hypoxic brain damage

 Prolonged disorders of consciousness

 Paediatric neurological conditions

 – Cerebral Palsy

 – Hypoxic brain injury at birth

 – Functional Neurological Disorders

An occupational therapist specialising in neuro-rehabilitation can help people with a brain injury do the things they want to do. These could include the daily activities that many of us take for granted, from grocery shopping and brushing teeth, to more complex activities such as caring for children, succeeding in studies or work, or maintaining a healthy social life.

After assessing a person’s needs, we work with them to set realistic goals, and then create a programme that will provide the tools and strategies that they need to achieve these goals.

The therapy is practical in nature and takes place wherever it would be most useful to the patient. In neuro-rehabilitation, it’s definitely not the case that one size fits all. We tailor-make individual programmes for each person.

We also try to encourage family and carer involvement as their support is vital to the long-term success of the rehabilitation programme.

Treatment may include advice and training in the use of adaptive equipment and techniques to manage everyday tasks.

Where there are cognitive difficulties, we can develop and teach planning, organisational and memory strategies to enable a person to become more independent in tasks like cooking a meal or travelling on public transport.

We can also provide education and advice on how to cope with the physical and psychological effects of a condition.

In our experience, this tailor-made mix of support, counselling and practical assistance enables people to get the most out of life by achieving as much as they can for themselves. And in doing so, occupational therapy can make the world of difference to a person’s sense of independence and self-esteem.

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