Neuro occupational therapy in brain injury rehabilitation

LSOT provides neuro occupational therapy that helps people recover from brain injury.

Every year in the UK, hospitals deal with more than 10,000 severe head injuries and it is estimated that there are more than 300,000 disabled survivors of brain injury.

The condition can have a devastating impact not only on survivors, but on their families and loved ones.

LSOT is a trusted provider of neuro occupational therapy services with many years’ experience. Our treatments get results by combining occupational therapy and neurology specialisms.  

We have a deep understanding of the challenges involved when someone has suffered a brain injury. And because the recovery process is different for each person, we make sure all our programmes are directed by the patient with clear goals set at the start.

While suffering brain injury can be debilitating, it is possible to regain independence and get the most out of life again with the right neurological occupational therapy team in place.

This is what LSOT is all about.

The neuro occupational therapy process – how it works

First, we assess the patient’s needs. Then we work with them to set realistic goals.

All our programmes include the tools and strategies they will need to achieve these goals.

This may involve providing help at home or work, or in using public transport. Similarly, it could mean helping people get out and about to the shops, or find new leisure activities.

Overall our aim is to make an immediate and long-term difference to our patients’ everyday lives and abilities. An important part of this is the role of family and carers. Their involvement helps patients regain their independence during rehabilitation after head injury.

We also work with therapists in related fields, which makes onward referral easier. Together, our specialists function as highly effective neuro occupational therapy teams, as vouched for in our client testimonials.

LSOT are trusted clinical practitioners led by Laura Slader, an independent occupational therapist in London and the South East. Laura is highly-regarded in the neuro occupational therapy field with 27 years’ experience.

We’ve helped many people regain their confidence and live fulfilling lives after head injury. For expert neuro occupational therapy, get in touch today to see how we can help.

Areas we cover


We cover the south east of England – London, Surrey, and
areas of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Essex and Kent.
Associates are also available to cover further afield.

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