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Occupational Therapy for Neuro-rehabilitation

Head injuries can be devastating, not only for survivors, but also for their whole family. Every year in the UK, hospitals deal with over 10,000 severe head injuries, and it is estimated that there are more than 135,000 disabled survivors of head injury.

We specialise in occupational therapy for neurological rehabilitation, which can help head injury survivors to be able to get the most out of life and to achieve as much as they can for themselves.

Our approach is goal-focused, and directed by our patients. We provide occupational therapy wherever it would be most useful for them: this could, for example, be helping at home, at work, in the local park, or to helping to use public transport or to go shopping.

Our aim is to make immediate and long-term differences to patients' everyday lives and abilities. We fully support family and carer involvement in the rehabilitation to maximise our patients' independence in all areas of their lives. We also work with therapists in related fields, which makes onward referral much easier. The effectiveness of our approach is evident in our patients' comments.

Laura Slader Independent Occupational Therapy Services Ltd:

"Laura Slader provides excellent Neuro OT support from which our clients and their families have benefited greatly."

Robert Thomas, NewLaw


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